Interstate Tool Corp.
Custom Engineered Cutting Tools
Manufactured with Pride in the USA 


Hobs – Ground and Unground
All Classes up to 16”Diameter
Gear Hobs
Spline Hobs
Sprocket Hobs
Special Form Generating Hobs
Gear Shaper Cutters
Spuror Helical Gear Shaper Cutters
Herring boneGear Shaper Cutters
Discor Rack Maag Type
Spline Shaper Cutters
Special Form Shaper Cutters
Form Tools
Circular Form Tools – HSS or Carbide
Flat Form Tools - HSS or Carbide
Dovetail Form Tools - HSS or Carbide
Including Involute and Spline Type
Special Holders and Cartridges
Special Form Indexable Inserts –
HSS or Carbide
Burring,Recessing and Grooving Inserts
Standard Inserts
***We resharpen all types of gear cutting tools including shaving cutters***

Milling Cutters
Plain Milling Cutters
Slab Milling Cutters
Half Slab Milling Cutters
Single Angle Milling Cutters
Double Angle Milling Cutters
Profile Ground Milling Cutters
Form Relieved Milling Cutters -
Ground & Unground
Interlocking Milling Cutters
Gang Cutters
Worm Thread Milling Cutters
Multiple Thread Milling Cutters -
Ground & Unground
End Milling Cutters
Involute Gear Cutters
Inserted Blade Cutters

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