Interstate Tool Corp.
Custom Engineered Cutting Tools
Manufactured with Pride in the USA 


Our Hobs are custom-made to suit involute and non-involute hobbing requirements.
Our range is unlimited; from the fine pitch serration hobs to the coarse pitch gear hobs.
No matter what the size or class we can accommodate your needs.




Serration Hobs
Our free cut serration hobs for roughing are designed to cut full depth in one pass. This helps save valuable time and increase production output.


Gear Shaper Cutters

Our gear shaper cutters are custom-made to suit your gear cutting requirements.From fine to course pitch shank to herringbone cutters we have you covered.




Maag Cutters

Simply the best Maag cutters available from single tooth, multi-tooth, roughing or finishing. We also manufacture backing plates and other tool holding devices. 





Form Relieved Milling Cutters

We supply all sizes of ground or unground form relieved milling cutters, up to 14" in diameter. We can supply helical gash, intermittent teeth, interlocking, multiple thread or any design you may require in a cutter.





Profile Milling Cutters

We manufacture special profile type milling cutters to cover the requirements you may have. We can furnish almost every conceivable type of profile cutter you can imagine. 




Carbide Tipped Forming Tools

Another specialty of Interstate Tool Corporation is evident by the unique assortment of carbide tipped or solid carbide cutters we manufacture to meet our customers needs.




Multiple Thread & Serration Cutters

We manufacture all class of ground and unground multiple thread cutters. We can furnish you with ground form, relived, wide face cutters, with straight or helical gashes or unground form, relived, conventional face cutters with straight or helical gashes.




Tool Holders

The assortment of Tool Holders displayed are a selection of hundreds which we have produced to meet the special needs of our customers.



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